Men Helping Another Man Up

Please attend our first event  this Friday 3 February and support our Coffee van at Cardigras at the Kallangur Fair shopping centre from 4 pm. Buy a coffee and support our shed trauma recovery programs for men.

Come and volunteer by serving coffee and watch the magic happen by turning a bloke's life around by just having a chat with him.

Contact Gibbo on 0493 059 837. Everyone has a hour. Please consider helping out by calling Gibbo and doing a volunteer pledge this Friday night!

Men are the highest risk category for trauma in Australia. Statistically young men are in the highest risk catergory for suicide in Australia and even worse in New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand Defence Force Veterans, either serving. discharged or retired are in the highest risk category for suicide ideation. 

There is no such things as an ex-vet, so let's look after our own and catch up for coffee and thank them for their service to our country either abroad or domestically.

Our coffee or bbq conversations do save lives.

So our Not For Profit [NFP] Incorporated Association provides a place for men to gather their thoughts and just chill over a coffee and a chat with a trusted Bloke in a nice venue, because men don't do that very often.

Trauma affects people in different ways. Sadness, anger, frustration, perceived guilt or regret etc eats away at us. We have a strategy to help you with that.

Initially targeting the First Responder and Veteran space, our team gather at coffee truck and bbq events each month.

Sometimes just meeting once a week helps men get through their day, and by gathering it helps all of us.

Blokes have mums and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, Pops and Nannas and their children who also go through various trauma. This affects blokes too. Let's help unfold the web of distraction and help them out!

Coffee is a great connector. So we are partnered with "Brothers in Brew" and "3elements Veteran Coffee Roasters" where a proportion of their coffee sales are given back to the  community in the form of financially supporting our outreach programs to help men with things like depression, anxiety and lonliness.

We would also like to get more volunteers onboard so we will soon be reaching out to more people who are good listeners and not talkers, which is key to helping a bloke open up.

Do you know anyone who could volunteer at one of our coffee truck locations in the park for a couple of hours on weekend?  Skill set involved - Write "FW+2 EQ" on the lid of a coffee cup.

Could you give up 1 or 2 hours to help out at Bunnings North Lakes Sausage Sizzle ?  

Having fun with with a sense of direction and comraderie away from the house is crucial to improving a man's good mental health.

We do fun, coffee, music and hamburgers with a roaring fire pit to gather around.

Come and listen to very cool music, men can sit back, chill and have a chat about something that interests them, and still only pay a $10 entry fee for food, soft drinks and a show. [Just a Macca's burger is more than this ! ]

"3elements and Brothers in Brew Coffee" supports us and it is not only very tasty but these Veteran and First Responder Coffee businesses give back to finance trauma recovery education programs for blokes and funds our "Shed Nights" where you can come and listen to a Bloke's Story while having a burger and a laugh and just chill and listen to great surround sound music.

So what are you waiting for?   Give us a call on 0493 059 837 now. 

For blokes who are not coping we can refer them to our confidential counsellors and psychologist at a heavily discounted rate to sort out what is causing them grief.

We want to provide men with a place where it helps them deal with life. Sometimes blokes just need a space to chat about stuff and to vent and get it off their chest.

If you are triggered by a traumatic event or are feeling a bit off, we have blokes who can get you back on track. We also have access to professional confidential counsellors and psychologists at a very reasonable rate.

Sometimes just chatting to someone or just chillin over a cuppa and a chat overcomes that burden. 

Bloke's Chat provides a confidential and secure space for them to gather and chat in a "chillaxed" atmosphere and very cool background music. We have our BBQ on the last Tuesday of the month.

We also have regular weekly coffee sessions without the music. A quiet space for people to catch up for a cuppa somewhere in North Brisbane.

There is no alcohol at our events.

We have connections to PTSD Assistance dogs through our partnership with Forest Lake RSL sub branch. These dogs are amazing. and you can see how they actually enhance a man's ability to cope.

Please volunteer at our coffee van and help reduce male trauma.

Kallangur Fair Shopping Centre hosted by Cardigras car show

4pm - 9pm Friday 3 February 2023
Text or call Gibbo on 0493 059 837 to register

These funds will help fund our programs
which help those experiencing trauma.

Volunteer with us by completing the Contact Form below
Because by helping another Bloke it also helps you !

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