Men Helping Another Man Up

Do you remember what fun was like?  We can show you how to have more everyday "moments of fun".

Having a good old belly laugh with your mates away from the house is crucial?

Bloke's Chat is about looking after the interest of the Forgotten Australian, That Bloke !

Our Not for Profit Association uses our music therapy fire pit program at our Kallangur shed as a way to "break the ice" creating a chillaxed atmosphere for blokes to chat about everyday stuff. 

We also chat to blokes through our mobile shed program, a coffee truck chat in the park.

By listening to excellent music men can sit back and have a chat about something that interests them.

During our chats eventually blokes open up and chat about the real issues that's "rocking" their world but in a very cool supportive environment over a delicious "Rode Meats" burger, a cool fireplace and awesome music. 

So, doesn't it make a lot of sense to give blokes a chance to process trauma or get away from their current world for while with us in a supportive confidential space like our shed ?

We need to get more volunteers onboard so we can reach out to more blokes. Good listeners not talkers is key to helping a bloke open up.

It's time to help blokes out. Because according to the LATEST 2022 Census results,  which for the first time asked questions about mental health issues, like depressed mood, anxiety and poor choices because of loniliness or isolation due to the pandamic, or financial difficulties as a result of it, men in Australia, and more so in Tasmania and New Zealand, blokes arn't doing so well. The suicide rate of Blokes is appauling.

We won't bombard you with stuff. Just come and have a burger, join Phil in the Smoker's corner. Just chill listening to very cool music around an open fireplace. Plenty of parking on Brickworks Road, Kallangur.

So please promote our voice and our coffee. Because buying a coffee from us finances our outreach program and helps us get the word out to other blokes by having a cuppa with us.

Gibbo got blokes onboard who don't talk and just listen. 3elements coffee is not only very tasty but this veteran First Responder Coffee cart gives back to trauma recovery education courses and funds our "Shed Nights" where you can come and listen to a Bloke's Story while having a burger and a laugh.

For blokes who are not coping we can refer them to our confidential counsellors and psychologist at a heavily discounted rate to sort out what is causing them grief.

We want to provide men with a place where it helps them deal with life. Sometimes blokes just need a space to chat about stuff and to vent and get it off their chest.

If you are triggered by a traumatic event or are feeling a bit off, we have blokes who can get you back on track. We also have access to professional confidential counsellors and psychologists at a very reasonable rate.

Sometimes just chatting to someone or just chillin over a cuppa and a chat overcomes that burden. 

Bloke's Chat provides a confidential and secure space for them to gather and chat in a "chillaxed" atmosphere and very cool background music. We have our BBQ once a month and now we have regular weekly coffee sessions without the music. A quiet space for blokes to catch up for a cuppa.

There is no alcohol at our events.

We have connections to PTSD Assistance dogs through our partnership with Forest Lake RSL sub branch. These dogs are amazing. and you can see how they actually enhance a man's ability to cope.

Call 0493059837 to meet up on the road or at our shed at
84 Brickworks Road, Kallangur.

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