Men Helping Another Man Up

Please meet with some of our blokes at "Man Walk" at Redcliffe this Thursday morning the 23rd of June from 6:30 am at Redcliffe Jetty and if you have time gather with us for coffee afterwards.

The date for our AGM will be posted here soon. We do it via Google Meet. [Similar to zoom without the time restrictions and number of participants]. We are going to discuss us moving into the NFP space so we can apply for grants to help more Blokes recover from trauma and live a fruitful happier life. Stay tuned for date and login details.
We will also discuss at that meeting our proposed partnership with a national charity to offer Trauma Recovery workshops for the general public, starting with veterans and first responders. 

We want to provide men with a place where it helps them deal with life. Sometimes blokes just need a space to chat about stuff and to vent and get it off their chest.

If you are triggered by a traumatic event or are feeling a bit off, we have blokes who can get you back on track. We also have access to professional confidential counsellors and psychologists at a very reasonable rate.

Sometimes just chatting to someone or just chillin over a cuppa and a chat overcomes that burden. 

Bloke's Chat provides a confidential and secure space for them to gather and chat in a "chillaxed" atmosphere and very cool background music. We have our BBQ once a month and now we have regular weekly coffee sessions without the music. A quiet space for blokes to catch up for a cuppa.

We have great barbecues once a month with amazing stories at our men's shed barbecue music event where again savour our awesome product from Rode Meats themed to very cool music. This is a great atmosphere for men to enjoy and have a break and just chill and we're done by 830pm in time for you to have an early night. There is no alcohol at our events.

We also have an Interview of a man who teaches us how he overcame adversity.

Bloke's Chat will soon be partnering with a local organisation to provide Barista training to help Blokes get jobs.  If you, or someone you know would like more info please go to the end of this page and complete our contact form [below] with yours/their email and mobile number and you can register their/your interest.

We have connections to PTSD Assistance dogs through our partnership with Forest Lake RSL sub branch. These dogs are amazing. and you can see how they actually enhance a man's ability to cope.


Queensland Traffic Rules - Q & A night - When was the last time you did a driving test or tested your general knowledge of traffic laws in Queensland.
Do you have a Learner or P plater in your family?  Attending might save them some grief !
Bring them along.
Attend our $10 BBQ music night to ask questions.
It will be a fun night !  Our guest speaker will be a QPS Traffic Branch Officer.
Prior to the night, please submit your questions via email to

Movie nights - Event Cinemas at North Lakes 
where after a movie we gather locally for supper and a chat.

Pub Choir - [Without the alcohol] Come and have a laugh and watch some of our blokes do choir practice from August for a Blok's Choir Christmas event.

The Chase Australia B C  style - 4 blokes pitched against each other in the B C Chaser Style on what's topical in the news or in our local communites. Very amusing and we are done by 8:30 pm.

Genealogy - How to research your family tree, one of our blokes is a Military Historian. Find out what your Dad didn't tell you about the war!

Healthy Lifestyle - Classes on how to best manage your health and wellbeing - We have a Qualified Exercise Physiologist - Green Apple Gym, Bald Hills.

Man Walk Australia - Thursday and Saturday mornings 6:30am - Meet at Redcliffe Pier and have a coffee afterwards with their blokes.

Call 0493059837 to chat about
any of our outreach or just want to meet up

Man Walk Thursday 23rd June 6:30 a..m. at Redcliffe Jetty
Text Bloke's Chat mobile above to catch up.

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