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Our Journey

Support from local community

What we look like

·       During cooler evenings a small, supervised fire pit will be erected in the evenings to keep our guests warm during fellowship. The fire pit will be extinguished in accordance with Moreton Regional Council guidelines at the end of each meeting.

·       Background music will be played during the evening as part of a holistic and healing theme. It will not be of a sound level that should cause anyone concerns.

Planning our concept has been in consultation with a number of good people including local business owners who are the lifeblood of our community. These local business owners are real people like you and I with mortgages and families to raise.
They have suffered financial loss and some hardships due to COVID19. 

They all have offered us support and we'd like to return the favour by asking you to support them by doing business with them. See local business link.

We would also like to thank the following who made our journey possible.

Pastor Ron from Fringe Church who donated their resources to make this website possible.

Terry & Eleanor from 3 Elements Coffee who provide our coffee machine and allow us to give a proportion of funds back to allow us to
support our veteran and First Responder community.

Moreton Bay Regional Council's support for our opening in August 2021.

Brad from Rode Meats at Stafford who supplies our very tasty
BBQ products.

Mark and Kaz from Tackleland at Sandgate who have both supported us in developing our shed concept and got the word out to support men.