These are the people who make it all happen - Thank You

Shed Connect Team
Our Volunteer crew

Our Connect Team

Any questions at the shed can be directed to these good folks

Stephen Johnston

From his Navy background. He knows how to rescue men!

President Phil Lickorish

He won't talk your head off. He is a great listener.

Mike Wilkinson

Loves to ride. motorcycles.  Great listener.

The Bloke's Chat Incorporated Committee


Phil Lickorish

Phil is a Manager in the Field of Risk Management and Safety. He loves to help Blokes out and is a very good listener

Steve Johnston

Vice President

Steve is a 20 year veteran having served both here and abroad working as an Engineer on Seaking Helicopters for the Australian Navy and has a real heart for helping blokes come to terms with life. He is a very good listener.

Annie Borradale


Annie has been instrumental in her wealth of knowledge from her paralegal background.

Jill Coleman


Jill is a professional Bookeeper in the Corporate World and lends her skillsets in this NFP Space.

Please volunteer with us !

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This could be you